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Customer Service and Fulfillment Specialist

About the Role

STATUS: Part-Time, 20-25 hours per week

LOCATION: Overland Park, KS

REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer

KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Chief Operating Officer, Customer Service and Fulfillment Specialists, Chief Technology Officer, and most importantly, Customers.

WAGE RANGE: $18 – $20 starting hourly wage

About Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis Clothing is an independently-owned, boutique online retailer specializing in men’s and women’s clothing basics (such as undershirts and underwear) using premium materials and high quality construction. Our goal is to make the things you wear everyday better. 

Since the company’s founding in 2012, Mr. Davis has been steadily growing and re-investing in our core business and the Overland Park warehouse, expanding three different times in the last five years. To date, we have not taken any outside investment. 

We pride ourselves in running a lean machine (aka boot-strapped), while also offering an enjoyable and safe workplace environment, company gatherings (when not in a pandemic), continued education and a chance to significantly impact the inner-workings of a small business. We are a small team, so everyone matters and all employees have a voice.

The biggest differentiator between us and the competition is our customer service expertise; it is without a doubt our biggest asset. You would play a pivotal role in building upon that reputation.

How You Fit In

This is an exciting time for our company. We are coming out of our most successful year ever and we have bold plans for continued growth by investing in new sales channels and increasing investment in our existing sales channels. This is a great opportunity for a person who has the flexibility to begin part-time, learn a ton of new skills and software applications and be in a position to take on more company leadership if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Responsibilities and Expectations

The area of focus for the Customer Service and Fulfillment Specialist includes order fulfillment (picking, packing, shipping), inventory management and customer service. Specific job functions include:


  • Accurately picking, packing and shipping customer orders in a timely fashion: Our packages are the face of our brand, since we do not have a brick and mortar location. Receiving an accurate and attractive order is part of the customer experience; it must be correct.
  • Managing shipping software settings and best practices: Quickly learn the ins and outs of our shipping software.
  • Fulfillment reporting and other insights such as carrier fees and exchange/returns data: You are the voice of the customer for upper management. Are you seeing return trends? Anything interesting you are seeing that can be backed up with data?


  • Managing a complex inventory application across multiple sales channels: Managing the flow of inventory across our sales channels is a challenge. Inventory levels always need to be accurate so as not to disrupt the customer purchase and experience.
  • Reconciling returns/exchanges with inventory adjustments: We receive daily returns/exchanges from customers that need to be processed and completed.
  • Manual recounts and quarterly inventory reconciliations: We can’t always trust technology, so manual recounts are performed several times a year to catch and reconcile any large discrepancies. 
  • Lost order and inventory shrinkage management: We’re bound to lose a few packages and the experience can be frustrating for both us and the customer. Quickly resolving the issue and following our company guidelines of reporting lost packages is very important.
  • Product defect management: Our factory is amazing, but they’re human and make mistakes. A keen eye can catch defects before they make it into the customer’s hands. This cuts down on costly returns and poor customer experiences.
  • Re-kitting management: Most of our returns can be re-kitted and resold. It is your job to determine what qualifies to be re-kitted and handed off to our Rekit Specialist.


  • Most of our customer service takes place over email, but the phone still rings every day, even in 2022. You need to manage CS phone calls with authority and expertise in all things Mr. Davis (don’t worry, this won’t happen on day one). 
  • Diffusing frustrated customers on the phone or email: At the end of the day we sell underwear, not world peace. But a customer has given us money to perform a transaction and has certain expectations. Taking care of customers is the number one form of advertising; we look at it as a marketing expense. 
  • Writing LOTS of emails: We get a lot of CS via email with many of the same questions day in and day out. It is your job to answer them intelligently with a clear and concise resolution. Never leave the customer wondering “what comes next.” 
This Job is For You if You Are / Can:
  • Clearly communicate in writing. You will learn our company speak, but we want you to bring your personality into the customer conversation.
  • Articulate while speaking on the phone. Same thing here.
  • Enjoy listening to music at work! It’s not unusual that we play ‘80’s slow dance playlists while we ship.
  • Don’t mind some repetitiveness to your day. You will be shipping the same items and answering the same customer questions everyday.
  • Flexible and willing to shift priorities from week to week. We are a small team so you may be asked to do something one week to fill a need.
  • Willing to bring up ideas on how we can be better. We don’t claim to know everything about online retail. If you think we are missing something, bring it to our attention.
  • Committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion as an individual, a colleague and in company work. We want the safest, encouraging and hopeful work environment we can create.
Other Things to Consider

This position does have physical requirements of being on your feet for most of the day — either standing at a workstation or moving around the warehouse while picking products for order shipping. The position also requires the repetitive use of wrists and hands and may require the lifting of heavy objects of up to 40lbs. 

We offer an optional 4% matching 401k retirement plan for this position. 

We’ve done our best to explain the duties and responsibilities of this position, but they are subject to change or new ones assigned.


Please email your resume with cover letter to Attn: John – Careers.